III. Industry, 2. Railroads / III-2-0141-DC
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The following statement is made by the Point Richmond History Association, from whose collection the materials reproduced here are drawn.

The Point Richmond History Association encourages use of these images to the extent permitted under the fair use clause of the 1976 Copyright Act, but it does ask that a credit line be included with each image used. The American Memory Learning Page provides guidance on fair use for teachers and classroom use. Otherwise, permission must be requested and granted by the Point Richmond History Association prior to use. Please cite the Reproduction Number for the item provided in the descriptive record.

Sample credit line:
I-7-125-DC. Courtesy of the Point Richmond History Association.

Permission to reproduce these works for purposes beyond those permissible as fair use or to republish them in any form must be granted in writing by the Point Richmond History Association. Please address questions to:

Point Richmond History Association
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